#2 Directions to Deshka Landing

Driving Directions to Deshka Landing

Driving time to Deshka Landing is approximately 90 minutes from Anchorage or 50 minutes from Wasilla.      Take 6th Avenue / Glenn Highway East out of Anchorage and North toward Wasilla. Stay on the main highway as it becomes the Parks Highway and proceed North through Wasilla and on to Willow. Willow is located approximately 69 highway miles North of Anchorage.

Look for a large signs that say Willow Creek Recreation Area and Deshka Landing at approximately Highway mile 70.5.

Turn Left after the signs onto Willow Creek Parkway. Drive an additional 1.9 miles until you see a sign that says Deshka Landing.

Turn left onto Crystal Lake Road and drive 2.3 miles until you see another sign on the right that says Deshka Landing.

Turn right onto Mishap Road and proceed 2.8 miles until you reach the toll gate at Deshka Landing.  Take a parking ticket to get into the landing — IF YOU ARE ON THE AFTERNOON TRIP — you will want to take your parking ticket into the office / pay your $10 daily parking fee / have the ticket validated so it will open the gate on your way out.   If you are on the morning trip you will want to stop at the office after your fishing trip before exiting the landing and have your ticket validated so you only pay for $10 daily parking.

After entering Deshka Landing you may want to use the roomy clean restrooms in the back of the office building before heading out on your fishing trip.    To get to the boat launch proceed straight ahead across the parking lot. You may drive down the hill to the boat launch to drop off people and gear, but one person will need to drive back to the top of the hill to park.

Deshka Landing
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GPS coordinates: 61.719349,-150.195851

For shortest, quickest route to Deshka Landing, use these GPS coordinates AFTER turning on Willow Creek Parkway.

We will meet you at the boat launch with our boat in the water and ready to fish at the appointed time.  Stardard meeting times at Deshka Landing are 5 a.m. for morning trips and 11:30 a.m. for afternoon trips.   If you need to contact us call 907-746-2199.