Alaska Fishing Links

Alaska Fishing Links

10th and M Seafoods | 907-272-3474 or toll free 800-770-2722
10th and M is located in Anchorage and will cut, vacuum pack, freeze, smoke, can and/or ship your salmon. They also sell Alaskan seafood.

3 Rivers Fly and Tackle| 907-373-5434
Stop in their Wasilla tackle shop or give 3 Rivers Fly & Tackle a call for all your Alaska fishing tackle needs.

Acord Guide Service | 907-376-0692
Greg Acord guides Little Susitna River salmon fishing trips similar to our own. When we get an extra large group or can’t accommodate people who want to fish the Little Susitna our first referral is to Greg. Greg Acord knows how to catch fish and provides a fun trip with good service. He also guides Alaska big game hunts.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game |
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game website features lots of information on fishing and hunting in Alaska including fishing seasons and regulations, hunting seasons and regulations, fishing reports, biological information, online license sales, and much more.

Alaskan Gamefisher | 907-262-2980
Captain Mel Erickson guides Alaska halibut and salmon fishing trips on upper Cook Inlet out of Deep Creek and salmon and trout fishing trips on the Kenai River. Mel’s guests have caught halibut over 400 pounds and salmon over 80 pounds. Visit his Alaskan Gamefisher website to learn more about Mel’s Kenai Peninsula fishing trips and fishing/lodging packages.

Bob’s Piscatorial Pursuits | 866-347-4232
Offering steelhead and salmon fishing on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula from October through April.

Chinook Shows | 907-376-6474
Chinook Shows presents the annual Wasilla Outdoorsman Show in March at the Wasilla Sports Complex. Owner Tony Russ, has put together a quality show for outdoor products, activities, and businesses from around the state of Alaska. The show runs over a 3-day weekend in mid to late March each year.   Call 907-376-6474 for show details.

Everlasting Slip Bobbers — ESB Bobber | 989-422-3264
Manufacturer and distributor of custom made floats or slip bobbers, ideal for salmon fishing and used exclusively when bobber fishing on Fishtale’s  guided Alaska salmon fishing trips.

FishEX Alaskan Seafoods | 907-770-1660 or toll free 888-926-3474
FishEXs sells, packages,  processes, and ships fresh Alaskan seafood and is located in Anchorage.

iFishAlaska Guide Service | 907-357-0131 or toll free 866-376-0131
Pat Donelson primarily guides Deshka River king and silver salmon fishing trips, but also works additional Susitna River tributary streams. Pat has shown a willingness to customize trips to closely match the interests of his guests, provides quality fishing gear, and is considerate to work with. He is one of my first recommendation for fishermen looking for a Deshka fishing guide service similar to Fishtale, and we regularly refer guests to Pat when our boats are full, or when we need an additional guide boat for a large group.

Miller’s Riverboat Service | 907-892-6872
Miller’s Riverboat Service specializes in guided salmon fishing trips to the Deshka River from Deshka Landing. In addition, Ben Allen and his wife, Amber, also sometimes guide fishing trips to Talkeetna River, Little Willow Creek, Willow Creek, and Little Susitna River. Both Ben and Amber are very personable people who share a wealth of local knowledge and are very easy to talk with. In addition, Ben puts some of his energy back into fisheries management through his volunteer work as a member of the Matanuska -Susitna Borough Fish and Wildlife Commission. Ben Allen and Miller’s Riverboat Service are one of our top recommendations whenever anglers are looking for a slightly different fishing opportunity including fly fishing for either salmon or trout — or when our boats are already booked filled on specific dates. Give them a call or visit them online to learn more.

Pautzke Bait Company | 509-925-6154
Pautzke’s Balls O’ Fire salmon eggs simply produce the most bites of any commercial single salmon eggs I’ve ever fished. I’ve been fishing small jars of Pautzke Bait for rainbow trout and Dolly Varden char for over 35 years. I escpecially like using Balls O’ Fire eggs when ice fishing, as the single eggs in a jar can be kept warm in a jacket pocket, and are much less messy than tryig to bait hooks with roe in colder weather — and even more important, they catch fish! In 2006 I started using Pautzke’s new Fire Cure for curing the salmon roe bait that we fish on on our guided salmon fishing charters with excellent results. Fire Cure comes in 4 colors and cures salmon roe eggs quickly and consistently. Learn more about these and other Pautzke fishing bait and scent products by visiting their website. If you like fishing the best bait and scents available, ask for Pautzke’s products at your local tackle shop or store, or you may also order products directly from the Pautzke Bait Company website.

Smoked Alaska Seafoods | 907-376-3983
Located at mile 45.5 Parks Highway on the North side of Wasilla, Smoked Alaska Seafoods provides custom processing for our guests’ sport caught salmon, including vacuum packaging, freezing, smoking, canning, and shipping. Smoked Alaska Seafoods also sells wild commercial caught salmon and halibut products. Visit their website, stop into their processing location, or give owner, Al Bean a call.

Phantom Tri-River Charters | 907-733-2400
Phantom Tri-River Charters guide Talkeetna River salmon, trout, and grayling fishing trips. Owners Rhett and Margo Nealis  start guided trips in May  for trout, char, and grayling in the Talkeetna River. In addition to fully guided and outfitted trips Tri River also does riverboat drop off trips, where guests are dropped at good spots along the river, either to fish off the bank or by wading, or to float and fish all the way back to the town of Talkeetna with either a raft or drift boat. While salmon show up a bit later in the Talkeetna River system, Phantom Tri-RIver Charters also has the ability to guide salmon fishing trips later in September than we normally fish. After most of the salmon are done run, they continue to guide trout fishing trips and drop off trip through the end or October (weather and river conditions permitting). For up-to-date information about drop off and guiding fishing on the Talkeetna and Upper Susitna River drainages give Rhett, Margo, and Phantom Tri RIver Charters a call at 907-733-2400 or visit their website for free information online.

United States Geological Survey |
The USGS Alaska water resources page lists current stream flows for a large number of rivers in the state. This page provides an easy way to check current stream conditions without driving to the river.